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Image & Video Gallery



Images and Videos are  categorised below according to the installation type. To view 1000's more images, please visit our Facebook page.


A Main Gallery
C Main Gallery
D Main Gallery
E Main Gallery
F Main Gallery
G Main Gallery
H Main Gallery
I Main Gallery
J Main Gallery
K Main Gallery
L Main Gallery
M Main Gallery
N Main Gallery
O Main Gallery
P Main Gallery
Q Main Gallery
R Main Gallery
S Main Gallery
T Main Gallery
X Main Gallery
Y Main Gallery
Z Main Gallery
U Main Gallery
A Diy Gallery
B Diy Gallery
C Diy Gallery
D Diy Gallery
E Diy Gallery
F Diy Gallery
G Diy Gallery
H Diy Gallery
I Diy Gallery
J Diy Gallery
K Diy Gallery
L Diy Gallery
M Diy Gallery
N Diy Gallery
O Diy Gallery
P Diy Gallery
Q Diy Gallery
A Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
B Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
C Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
D Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
E Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
F Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
G Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
H Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
I Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
J Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
K Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
N Balcony Verandah Pergola Gallery
A Commercial Gallery
B Commercial Gallery
C Commercial Gallery
D Commercial Gallery
E Commercial Gallery
F Commercial Gallery
G Commercial Gallery
A Fenceline Gallery
B Fenceline Gallery
C Fenceline Gallery
A Side Alley Gallery
B Side Alley Gallery
C Side Alley Gallery
D Side Alley Gallery
E Side Alley Gallery
F Side Alley Gallery
G Side Alley Gallery
H Side Alley Gallery
I Side Alley Gallery
J Side Alley Gallery
K Side Alley Gallery
L Side Alley Gallery
M Side Alley Gallery
O Side Alley Gallery






Side Alley

Balcony / Verandah

General Areas


Catnet Introduction video





 Keep Up-To-Date with the latest enclosure design ideas


  • View the latest enclosure designs as they're built

  • Become aware of new catnet products and accessories

  • Discuss ideas and building methods with other members

 You can also upload your very own DIY photos to help inspire others during their enclosure design phase.



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Delivery throughout Australia, New Zealand & The United States. Other countries available upon request via email. Full details on ordering, dispatch and shipping can be found HERE


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