D.I.Y / Self-Installation


Catnets.com.au supplies all the netting and accessories required for cat net self installation. A cat enclosure is an ideal way to provide your cat a healthy outdoor experience, whilst ensuring theirs, and the local wildlifes safety. Commonly though, the expense of having a cat enclosure system installed is too great an obstacle. Catnets.com.au therefore offers cat netting D.I.Y products along with cat netting at wholesale prices. Cat enclosures self-installed, on average, cost significantly less than half of those installed. We encourage you to view the photos below and gather ideas and insight on how to install your netting yourself.

No two installations are identical, and therefore different products and methods are required to successfully set-up your cat enclosure.

There are 3 main categories of cat-net installation:

1) Fence line netting.

2) Netting attached to existing structures (ie: verandah / patio / side alley etc).

3) A stand-alone freestanding cat enclosure.


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Entry / Exit Zippers

zipperOur range of Zippers are ideal for entry/exit from netting enclosures. They are an affordable and practical solution to accessing your enclosed area.

Made of UV treated materials, our zippers are heavy duty and feature a double-sided buckle.

We have a full range of premade and DIY zipper systems.


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Fence Line Poles & Brackets

Why not allow your cats free run of your entire yard?

Catnets.com.au supplies Angled Fence Brackets used for fence line netting installations. These are made to last and are a unique, top quality product. They are made of heavy duty 25mm x 25mm galvanised metal. Strong enough to hold any net, these poles add a professional finish to your installation and are available either "Powdercoated" or in Un-Painted Galvanised Silver.


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U-Shaped Nails

These nails are handy for netting installations. They can be used to attach netting directly to timber, or to attach rope.


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Black EDGING Rope

Want to create an even more secure, neat and stong edging to your netting?

Our Black Polyethylene Edging rope is a versatile accessorie for your cat enclosure installation. This rope is UV stabilised for continued outdoor usage, and has several uses.

Price: 50c per metre or Bulk Rolls


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Wire Rope Accessories and Net Clips


Catnets.com.au stocks and recommends a wire rope system as the main method of attaching your netting to hard surfaces. This is also the main installation technique employed my professional installers across Australia.

Catnets.com.au also supply wholesale rolls of wire rope, crimps, net loops and crimping pliers.








UV Treated Cable Ties


These cable ties are UV treated and are a a simple yet effective component of cat enclosures. They are ideal for attaching netting to poles or for attaching netting to wire rope.


150mm x 3.6mm - $7.95 per packet of 100

100mm x 2.5mm - $5.95 per packet of 100







UV treated Binding Twine


This twine is UV treated and is designed for use with our range of cat netting.

Made of Black, Tarred Nylon this twine is designed to last and can be used for :

* Netting panel joining

* Zipper Sewing

* $15 for approx 50m roll






Pet & Paw Barrier Mesh


Pet & Paw Barrier Mesh is a Super Tough mesh barrier that can be added to the lower part of your cat netting enclosure. It is ideal for use with cat enclosures as it is soft to touch, yet very hard to damage.

Pet & Paw Barrier Mesh is an ideal "additional" barrier that can be added to new or existing enclosures for added protection against snakes, smaller and more passive dogs, small Children, other animals and pests.

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Carpeted Ramps & Platforms


The latest addition to our outdoor cat experience are our durable, safe and fun RAMPS & PLATFORMS.

Only limited by your imagination, this "modular climbing system" can be "added to" creating a Fun Cat Park with a dynamic vertical element. All cat owners know how much cats just love to perch up high, and these walks ensure many hours of both FUN & EXERCISE for both indoors & outdoors.

Unlike traditional Climbing trees or Scratching Posts, these ramps are designed for both Indoors or Outdoors and take up next to no practical living space. The ramps are covered in a Heavy Duty marine grade outdoor carpet, which can be simply hosed down to clean.

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Cat Doors


doorsCatnets supplies high quality D.I.Y Australian Made Cat Doors. Working hand in hand with your Outdoor Cat Enclosure, a cat door allows your cat the freedom to enter and exit the house when necessary.


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Our range of Cat Tunnels are made of Anodised Aluminium, steel reinforced corner connectors, and Extra-Tough UV stabilised and Professionally Edged 19mm Netting. They are lined at the bottom which ensures they can also be used as aerial tunnels.

Cat Tunnels can be used as access points to and from one of our freestanding Enclosures OR from a cat flap to a a permanent fixed enclosure.

Our cat tunnels are fully enclosed around the top, bottom and long sides. The ends are open to facilitate access.

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