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About is your one-stop shop for all cat enclosure and cat run netting products. Whether you are looking for a Freestanding cat enclosure, D.I.Y materials for a self-installation , or simply Netting by-the-metre we can help. Our aim is to be able to offer the highest quality cat netting and accessories at affordable prices, right across Australia. We sell netting for cat runs and cat enclosures by the metre, along with stainless steel wire rope, net zippers, net clips, fence brackets and more. Catnets also offer a FREE DIY installation Booklet to help you design and install your enclosure.

We pride ourselves on efficient service. We aim to answer all email enquiries within 1 working day, and most netting orders can be dispatched same-day upon receipt of payment. Regardless of if you need 1m of cat netting or a full design and setup of a large commercial cattery, Catnets staff are there to help.



Why Use Our Netting?

Netting is an ideal material for use as a cat enclosure. It has many benefits including the following:

  • It is very versatile and easy to work with. Netting can be cut to size, shaped around corners and used to fill small holes. It doesn't require any special tools, doesn't involve any heavy lifting, welding or building experience to install.
  • It is affordable. With our netting avaialable just at $3.50 per square metre, netting is the best option for large areas that wouldn't otherwise be encloseable. Most enclosures cost well under $200.
  • Our high quality netting is strong and long lasting. It is UV treated for outdoor use, has heat strengthened knots and is pre-stretched to avoid sagging.
  • It looks fantastic! Netting (especially our low-vis netting) is barely noticeable once installed. Wire cage enclosures can have a dominant and overpowering appearance, whereas a low-vis netting enclosure looks subtle and soft. Please browse the image gallery for examples
  • Unlike wire cages, the netting won't get hot-to-touch in the hot summer heat. Also, as most DIY enclosures don't have a base, your cat can enjoy the benefits of grass underfoot.





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